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About the Hackathon

What is Apollo hacks?

Apollo Hacks is a 24 hour Hackathon dedicated towards students coming from all over California. We provide a venue, food, drinks, swag, etc. all at no cost to ensure every attendee has the best experience possible while building their projects! We hope to empower students to create the next generation of products to benefit the world.


Hackers attending


Hackathon money


Mentor & judges

Where are We located?

Our Officers

Shivam Singh - Director/Founder

Shaurya Srivastav - Director of Technology

Ishan Jain - Executive Director

Tarun Nair - Director of Outreach

Shubam Shroff - Director of Sponsorship

Our Team Members

Aniketh Awatiger - Sponsorship Division

Aryaman Gautum - Finance and Treasurer

Jongwon Lee - Outreach Division

Kevin Li - Outreach Division

Nakul Balaji - Technology Division

Sanjhee Gupta - Outreach Division

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not! Yes, this event will be completly free. At no point of time will any of our competitors have to pay for any of the services we offer in our hackathon.

Apollo Hacks will be located at Make School @ San Francisco from May 2nd to May 3rd.

Of course, there will be plenty of food and snacks for all of our competitors.

No, you can be a complete beginner and still enjoy our hackathon. There will be workshops where you can learn how to code.

Registrations are open. You can click right Here.

You bet! We will give out countless fun stickers and t-shirts. There will be many more too!

Please bring a water bottle, laptop, chargers, and the signed waiver. Sleeping bag and toileteries are highly recommended as it's overnight.

Yes! While we cannot provide direct accomodation for travel expenses, you can apply for Execute Big's Travel Grant to join us without having to pay for travel! Applications must be submitted at least 3 weeks before the event

A maximum of four people are allowed to be on one team.